Discover a world where your ideas evolve into legally guarded assets with technical and legal expertise of our attorneys

INVOKAT IPS is a full-service IP Law firm with a holistic perspective for securing the intellectual property rights of our clients.

The Unified Patent Courts (UPC) have central jurisdiction for the Unitary Patents and classical European Patents in participating states of the European Union

The UPCs have exclusive jurisdiction for the infringement and nullity actions of European patents with unitary effect in the participating member states of EU.

Key concepts - Added Value in consulting with reasonable price - Simple and cost effective procedurel operations

We build up our working principles along with the changing dynamics of IP strategy management. Therefore, people of INVOKAT




Patents require particular expertise in the relevant technical areas. European and Turkish patent attorneys of our firm serve to protect inventions of our clients both in national and international level by way of specific expertise of their own.


Trade names or signs for the goods and services are fingerprints of the commercial activities. Our professional lawyers are specialized in protecting the rights of our clients during the phases of registration, opposition and appeal.


Visual appearance of products and aesthetic creations are important assets that need to be protected with tailor made strategies. Designs which are new and having an individual character deserve protection under the law.


Protection of plant breeders’ rights require specific procedures that need to be carried out at specific authorities. In Turkey, new varieties obtain protection by PBR applications before the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


During the process of establishing an IP right procedural matters and legislative responsibilities do matter as from the stage of receiving the instructions for filing and continues until the end of the life-cycle of the particular right.


Infringement proceedings, either as a plaintiff or defendant, require particular attention to the implementation of law and technical issues from different perspectives. INVOKAT aims to defend the interests of clients while exploring the risks and settlement alternatives.


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