Chemistry / Pharmaceuticals

Challenging world of chemicals and pharmaceuticals has become our primary expertise where we strongly defend our clients’ interests. Therefore, highly reputable domestic and international pharmaceutical firms are acquaintant with services of INVOKAT. Our primary activities in this branch involve the following sub-branches;

  • Pharmaceuticals, including new molecules, second medical use, formulations, dosage forms and regimen, stereochemistry, physical chemistry, GMP processes and packaging thereof,
  • Cosmetics, cosmeceuticals,
  • Recombinant gene technologies,
  • Biotechnology products and microorganisms, fermentation,
  • Process engineering,
  • Food industry,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Organic & inorganic chemistry, industrial chemicals,
  • Metallurgy & material sciences, ceramics and solids technology,
  • Polymers, particularly plastics, functional polymers and cellulose industries,
  • Energy, fuel cells, biogas, biodiesel and renewable energy sources,
  • Catalytic reactions, pollution treatment and green technologies,
  • Surface coating technologies, resins, paints, and lacquer sectors,
  • Textile chemicals, process baths, bleaching agents, surfactants and detergents.