INVOKAT IPS spends considerable efforts on serving to clients in agriculture sector and provides professional services for patenting or otherwise protecting the rights in frame of Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR). Both practices are complementary to each other as plant varieties are strictly excluded from patentability and they can only be protected via Breeders’ Rights which involves a special procedure before the respective authorities such as Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO, located in France). Transgenic plants, on the other hand, cannot be protected with the PBRs system, and in this case, we provide services for patenting of these kinds of inventions before respective patent offices. INVOKAT-IPS has particular expertise for protection of Agriculture related aspects as provided hereinbelow:

  • Protection of non-transgenic Plant Varieties before the Ministry of Agriculture in Turkey,
  • Protection of non-transgenic Plant Varieties before the respective foreign authorities, particularly in UPOV member states via foreign associates,
  • Patents of technically improved plants and their production methods,
  • Cereals, fruits, vegetables and horticultural varieties,
  • Patents of agricultural chemicals, pesticides and herbicides,
  • Patents of non-biological processes for cultivation of animals, plants and fungi.
  • Patents of agricultural and nursery instruments.